Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: Former President of India
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Questions And Answers Session

1. Here we are working hard to see Hindi as an International language. On the other hand, English is used as mother tongue and it is becoming gradually more popular. In such a situation, what is the future of our University and what measures have been taken to develop it?

- Ms. Priyowati Devi, M. Phil., Hindi

Importance of Hindi has been felt throughout the country. In Government of India, an exclusive department works for the promotion of Hindi. And there is a Parliamentary Committee which is overseeing the promotion of Hindi in all departments. Two new trends have come: one leads to demand for good Hindi teacher and the second one is demand in infotainment. In the infotainment, there are number of Hindi channels and there is a great demand for news readers, script writers and translators. Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University at Wardha should become a great Hindi learning centre and research. It is possible that many institutions will come for campus recruitment here. Of course, lot of work has to be done to get the name and fame in Hindi teaching and research.

2. How India will become a developed nation by 2020 when difference of rich and poor is certainly increasing in our country?

- Shri Anil Kumar Mishra, M.A., (Mass Communication)

Out of Billion people, 220 million people that is 22% are living below poverty. To push them up, we have a vision India 2020 and mission like PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas)

3. Foreign Universities have been given open entry in the field of higher education in India which will impart training on the basis of western culture and values. Should we not expect an alternative education from an ancient, prosperous and cultured nation like India?

- Shri Vishnu, Diploma course in International Language in Hindi, (Chinese Student)

Every nation has its own culture. India?s 22 million people today are spread in various parts of the Globe. So, when our students go outside, they go for specific learning purpose. Also, there is a trend many students from foreign Universities are coming to India for education. In last 3000 years, so many invasions have taken place against India and we have been ruled. But, India?s culture continued and flourished. We should not get afraid of cross-cultural flow in any field.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam




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