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Rock Walls

Some build rock walls all their lives,
When they die miles of walls divide them.
Others build rock walls, one rock on another,
And: then build a terrace, where they pray for love.

Yet others build walls to enclose orchards,
Endeavouring to find ways to fulfill hunger.
A few others build rock walls - to make a home,
It is their mission to serve humanity and nature.

I build no walls, to confirm to joy or sorrow;
To sacrifice or achieve, or to gain or lose,
I just grow flowers on all open spaces,
And float lilies on ponds and rivers.

I keep planting trees, for birds to have nests,
At the dawn of the sun, when morning breeze blow.
Sun light get filtered through shining tree leaves,
Birds' flight gives me sense of freedom and pleasure.

Scattered light of colour and treasure,
Fragrance of flowers gives me delight of creator.
Lilies floating over like nature's dance,
Why should I build walls to confine them all?

I have no house, only open spaces,
Filled with truth, kindness and dreams.
Desire to see my country developed and great,
Dreams to see everywhere happiness and peace.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


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